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Boise, Idaho

Rating Treatment: Treatment Not specified

CommentsPosted Jun. 15, 2012

I have gone in a few times now for microdermabrasion treatments, and I am always satisfied with the way that my skin looks the next day. I think the reason that I am so happy with this procedure is because I have realistic expectations of what it is good for. I never thought that it would make me have porcelain skin with no imperfections (that is what laser treatment is for), it is merely a really good exfoliation treatment that helps my skin to wake up.


Mesa, Arizona

Rating Treatment: Acne Scars

CommentsPosted May. 19, 2012

I have mild acne and some acne scarring (not really bad just some discoloration) that I was looking to get rid of. I thought that I would try some microdermabrasion sessions first before spending the time and money on laser treatment. I am so glad that I did! The procedure was pretty much pain free and I left feeling much fresher. I definitely notice a difference in my face. My skin is much smoother.

Less Noticeable Acne Scars with Microderm

Atlanta, Georgia

Rating Treatment: Acne Scars

CommentsPosted Mar. 20, 2012

I went in for a few Microderm treatments to clear up the acne scars that I had. I broke out a little bit when I was 21 so my acne scars were not all that bad, just a few discolorations here and there but I really wanted to have perfectly clear skin. The sessions were quick, relatively painless and I saw results pretty quickly afterward. Now that I have had 3 sessions, my face looks pretty good. I may have one more but overall I am really happy with the results.

Great Results

Long Beach, California

Rating Treatment: Age Spots

CommentsPosted Mar. 14, 2012

I consulted a physician about the age spots that had started creeping up on my face. He gave me a number of treatment options but I decided to go with microderm as an initial attempt at getting rid of them. I figured it is reasonably priced so if it doesn't work I am not out that much money. I have had 2 sessions and my face looks great. I am so happy that I decided on this treatment.

Microderm is Great For Exfoliating

Dallas, Texas

Rating Treatment: Treatment Not specified

CommentsPosted Jul. 6, 2011

I went to a spa a couple of months ago to get a massage and I decided while I was there to get some other things done too. That was my first experience with microdermabrasion. After that my skin felt so smooth and looked really refreshed. I decided to go back again last week and I was again really happy with the procedure. I think I will be making this a regular treat.

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