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Portland, Oregon

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CommentsPosted Jun. 22, 2011

I go in about once every few months to get microdermabrasion done to clean up my skin. It exfoliates really well for me and leaves my skin looking refreshed and so soft! I love the treatments, and as long as I can keep affording to go in, I will continue with them.

Microdermabrasion works!

Hartford, Connecticut

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CommentsPosted Apr. 3, 2011

I have never done anything "extra" to my skin or body. I eat right, exercise, drink lots of water and stay out of the sun, but with the aging process, my skin has been looking a bit dull. I asked some of my friends and they recommended me to a spa where they did microderm. I just finished my treatment about a week ago and my face looks and feels really good. I will definitely be going back.

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