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Skin Care Smarts in Your 20s

Taking care of your skin isn’t just for the 40-and-over crowd. By giving your skin some extra TLC today, you’ll set up your skin for a more beautiful tomorrow. Read on for skin care dos and don’ts every 20-something should know.

When you’re in your 20s, it’s easy to ignore complex skin care regimes. After all, you don’t have crow’s feet, wrinkles or acne, so why should you waste another minute worrying about your skin?

It may be hard to understand now, but the decisions you make today will affect your skin for the rest of your life. Taking control of your skin care in your 20s is the key to a lifetime of healthy skin. Repeat your new skin mantra: Prevention and protection start now!

Are You Sun Savvy?

First and foremost, sun protection is crucial in your 20s.

“In your 20s, one thing we’ve got to do is use sun protection,” explained laser medicine and surgery expert Dr. Eric F. Bernstein. “That’s a must, day in and day out.”

And if you think the sunscreen built into your foundation is enough, think again.

“Nobody puts on enough makeup to get the SPF listed on the makeup bottle. If you do, you’re looking crazy,” Dr. Bernstein said.

Instead of relying on your makeup for a proper sun barrier, opt for a daily moisturizer sunscreen. Apply it daily, even if you don’t plan on basking in the sun. Your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays and pollutants the second you step outside.

Quench Your (Skin’s) Thirst

Another easy way to step up your skin smarts in your 20s is as easy as drinking water. As tempting as Wine Wednesday may be, it’s important to remember that good ol’ H20 is still your best drinking buddy. That’s because keeping your body hydrated shows on the inside and outside. And, simply put, hydrated skin looks younger.

Say Buh-Bye to Dead Skin

So, you’re drinking plenty of water and applying sunscreen. Isn’t that enough? Not quite. One of the most important steps for skin care in your 20s involves regularly removing old skin cells through exfoliation. By removing these cells, your skin will appear both younger and smoother.

When it Comes to Exfoliation, you Have Several Options

“In the 20s and 30s, light peels, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peels, glycolic acid and other AHAs are wonderful for rejuvenating the skin, and also treating mild to moderate acne, which is key,” Dr. Bernstein said.

AHAs work as exfoliants, sloughing away dead skin cells and helping reverse sun damage and signs of aging.

More and more people are turning to microdermabrasion as their go-to exfoliant. In fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) 2011 Statistics on Cosmetic Surgery, microdermabrasion was the fourth most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. This quick, painless treatment leaves the skin with a fresh and healthy glow.

According to the ASAPS, microdermabrasion is “effective in reducing fine lines, ‘crow’s feet,’ age spots and acne scars.” As the ASAPS website explains, this treatment involves a hand piece emitting crystals onto the surface of the skin, similar to a polishing effect.

Celebrities Fake Flawless Skin

Celebrities believe in the power of microdermabrasion to maintain their flawless, youthful skin. That’s right – despite what they’d like you to believe, celebrities aren’t just born with beautiful skin.

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Sienna Miller and Rachel Wiesz have all reportedly used microdermabrasion.

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It’s Never Too Early

Keep in mind that in your 20s, skin care is all about protection and prevention. According to Dr. Bernstein, it’s never too early to get started “I’m starting to see younger patients come in earlier for preventive treatment,” Dr. Bernstein said.

By taking the proper skin care steps in your 20s, you’ll save yourself (and your wallet) from countless cosmetic procedures later in life.

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